How to Add Resources to a Project - For Project Managers

  1.  Select the project you would like to resource from the “Projects / Workspaces” tab.

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  1.  Select “Manage” from the menu.


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  1. Once the project management options open, select “Resources”.


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  1. Press the green “Actions” button


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  1.  Select “Add Resources”.


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  1. Confirm that the box to include users with no managed capacity is checked.


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  1.  Here you search for the resource you would like to add to the project.  You can search by name, primary role, or resource pool.


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  1.  Once you have found the appropriate resource, check the box next to their name and hit “Next”.



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  1.  Check the box to notify the resource and click “Save”.


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Every project that will require resources from the Office of Information Technology (OIT) must be submitted for approval prior to project initiation.