Innovation Hour Recordings

Innovation Hours were facilitated by OIT and faculty from across disciplines. These sessions allowed faculty to share their methods for alternative assignments, activities, student engagement, and assessments when moving their traditional face-to-face course online quickly. The goal of these sessions is to help guide you as you think through your online course design and facilitation.

Innovation Hour Recordings
Faculty Innovators  Topics

Dr. Christropher Heasley

Assistant Professor, Educational Leadership

Full session covering the following topics (16 minutes)

  • Virtual Backgrounds in Zoom
  • Zoom Breakout Rooms
  • Using Socrative for Student Assessment

Jill Allen

Visiting Assistant Professor, Art

Canvas Discussion Boards (1:41 minutes)

Using Zoom (2:19 minutes)

Breakout Rooms in Zoom (14:42 minutes)

Active Learning (18:29 minutes)

Shorter Assignments (2:06 minutes)

Final Assessments (5:09 minutes)

Dr. Janine Firmender

Associate Professor, Undergraduate Teacher Education

Engaging Learners (3:15 minutes)

Academic Technology and Tools (6:36 minutes)

Gathering Learner Feedback (3:27 minutes)

Unexpected Outcomes (1:26 minutes)

Final Assessments (1:49 minutes)

Dr. Janée Burkhalter

Associate Professor, Marketing

Engaging Learners (5:54 minutes)

Reimagining Assignments (8:18 minutes)

Work/Life Balance (2:29 minutes)

Final Assessments (3:23 minutes)​​​​​​​

Dr. Laura Crispin

Associate Professor, Economics

Teaching Quantitative Courses Online in a Hurry (1:36 minutes)

Student Assignments (8:46 minutes)

Recording Lectures in Zoom (1:32 minutes)

DIY Doc Cam (3:49 minutes)

Adding Slides & Notes to Zoom Recordings (12:40 minutes)

Dr. Jonathan Fingerut

Professor, Biology

Reimagining Lab Experiences (3:00 minutes)

Using Zoom (5:31 minutes)

Exams (1:33 minutes)

Final Assessments (3:21 minutes)

Dr. Millicent Feske

Associate Professor, Theology & Religious Studies

Chair Theology, Theology & Religious Studies

Active Learning (3:47 minutes)

Using Socrative to Engage and Assess Learners (4:37 minutes) 

Using Zoom to Support Students (5:13 minutes)

Showing DVD Films (1:20 minutes)

Final Assessments (5:52 minutes)

Dr. Robert Daniel

Assistant Professor, Modern and Classical Languages

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