New Department Chair Technology Onboarding

When a faculty member becomes department chair, they will need access to items they may not have used in the past.

Before the new role begins

  • Google: Add the new department chair to your department's Google Groups and Google Shared Drives. Typically, the department administrative assistant is the owner/manager of those tools and has the ability to add/remove members.
  • Banner: Ensure the new chair has the appropriate Banner access.  If they do not have an account, the Banner Account Request is found here. This request needs to be submitted by a Banner Security Officer.  Specific advising and faculty services access within Banner can be requested here.
  • Cognos: Request Cognos Access if needed. This request needs to be submitted by a Banner Security Officer.  The Cognos folder structure is explained here.  The security officer will know what to request for the new chair!
  • VPNRequest VPN access; you will not be able to use Cognos or Banner from off campus without this access.  ***The request for VPN access must be submitted by the user's respective Dean or Associate Dean. You CANNOT request VPN access for yourself.
  • Chair-related Academic Processes managed with the Registrar's Office can be found here.
  • If the new chair needs budget access or access to Anaplan, you will need to contact the Office of Financial Affairs. That process is not handled by OIT.

Once the Chair begins in their new role

  • The Technology Service Center (TSC) is the first stop for all technology-related issues at SJU.  The TSC can be reached at 610-660-2920.


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