Zoom vs. Kaltura: What's the Difference?

Zoom is a live web-conferencing tool used for real-time communication and collaboration between participants (we refer to these as synchronous meetings). Zoom meetings can also be recorded.

Kaltura is a video streaming service to which all students, faculty and staff have access. Kaltura Personal Capture allows faculty to record videos on their own laptops and post for students to watch on their own time (we refer to these as asynchronous meetings). Kaltura Lecture Capture allows faculty to do the same in an SJU classroom.

A quick way to think about Zoom vs. Kaltura is:

  • Zoom is great for discussions.
  • Kaltura is better for presentations and lectures.
  • Zoom is best for small groups.
  • Kaltura is best for large groups.
  • Zoom is best when everyone can meet at the same time.
  • Kaltura is best when everyone has a different schedule.
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