How to install JMP Pro for macOS


This article provides step-by-step instructions for installing and renewing JMP Pro for macOS.  The instructions may vary a little depending on the version that you are installing, but should remain consistent across slightly older and newer versions.

Installation Instructions

Download the JMP Pro installer from Canvas using the link your professor has provided to you. 
Once downloaded to your computer, you will have a .zip file that looks something like this:

Double-click the .zip file to extract the contents to a new folder.

Open this folder and navigate to JMP >> JMP_Pro >> 15_2 >> Macintosh.
Double-click the file JMP-Install.dmg to open it.

In the new window that opens, double-click the installer file "JMP Pro 15.pkg​​​​​​​" to run the installer.

To proceed through the installer, click "Continue", then "Continue", then "Install". Here you will be prompted to enter your computer password.

When the installation finishes, you have the option to check for updates. (You do not need to do this.)  Click "Close" to close the window.

NOTE: If you choose to check for updates, you will be taken to the SAS JMP website where it will allow you to download any available updates.
But this is not necessary. An update installer is available to download in Canvas.
Using the same link your professor has provided to you, download the "jmpupdater​​​​​​​" file.

Double-click this file to open it, and run the file "JMP Pro 15.pkg​​​​​​​".

From this point, you can follow the same instructions as above to install the update.
This completes the installation. If your are prompted to register, you can select "Wait to Register".

How To Check Your Existing License

Open JMP and click on the "JMP" menu in the toolbar, then select "About JMP Pro" from the drop-down menu.

From the new window that opens, you will see when your license expires (or if it has already expired). This is important to remember, because the license is only valid until the middle of August and must be re-licensed annually.

How To Renew Your License

If when you launch JMP you receive a prompt that "Your JMP License Has Expired", you will need to obtain the new license file within Canvas that has been shared by your professor.  It is important to remember that there are different licenses for different versions of JMP, so it's important to confirm you are running the latest version of JMP along with the latest version of the license.  For example, trying to renew JMP 14 will require a different license file than if you are trying to renew JMP 15.

If a newer version of JMP Pro is available (for example, JMP 17), it is recommended to download and install the new version within Canvas and use the latest license for this version.  

Once you've downloaded the new license file from Canvas (which will be a text (.txt) file), you will need to launch JMP and click on the "Open License" option.

You will need to browse to where you've downloaded the new license file, which will look something like the picture below. This example is for JMP 15.2, which you can tell by looking at the first 5 characters in the file name. Once you've selected the new license file , click "Choose".

On the next window, leave the fields blank and choose "OK".

Your JMP installation should now be licensed.
If your are prompted to register, you can select "Wait to Register".

System Requirements for Running JMP

Windows Requirements

macOS Requirements

Having Issues?

If you have any problems installing or renewing JMP, please contact your professor or stop by the Technology Service Center located in Science Center, room 129.


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