What is the best way to create a webcam recording using Kaltura?

Any Canvas user can record their own video using a webcam.

1. Navigate to the Page, Assignment, Discussion, or Announcement where you would like to embed the video or audio.

2. Click on the Kaltura icon (looks like a colorful pinwheel). The Embed Kaltura Media window will open.

Canvas RCE Toolbar

3. Click on Add New, and then on Quick Record.

Kaltura Add New Menu

4. Click Allow to give access to your webcam.

5. To being recording, click the Record button (red circle) on the Embed Kaltura Media window.

6. When you're finished recording, press the Stop button (white square).

7. You may re-record the video any number of times until you feel the video is ready for use. Simply press the Record Again button if needed. Note: This will erase your previous video and begin a new recording.

8. When you are satisfied with the video, click the Use This button.

9. You should see an "Upload Completed!" message on the Embed Kaltura Media window. Enter the video's Name (required), Description, and any Tags you wish to use to organize your videos. Then, press the Save button. You can click Go To Media to view the video in its completed form, or you can Go To Media Gallery to share the video on the course's Media Gallery page.


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