Using Kaltura to Store Video & Other Media

Kaltura is a media repository service to which all students, faculty, and staff have access. You can access Kaltura directly via or through Canvas. Either path will enable you to access any uploaded videos, images, or audio files.

On the page, to sign in, go to the Guest link at the top-right corner. Then choose login. You will be prompted to sign in to your SJU account with your credentials. Once logged in, you will see + Add New in the menu. Use that option to upload media files, record a video, or create a Video Quiz. If you choose Media Upload, then the next step is to choose a file from your computer and then click the button open. At that point, you can change the name of the uploaded item, provide a Description and Tags (neither are required) choose the appropriate Publishing schedule and status, then click Save. Go to Media, then you'll likely see a message "Media is being processed". You can click on the Actions button, to reveal the Edit option. Here you will see a number of different editing options. The Collaboration tab is where you can add another SJU user as a media user by adding their email address and selecting the desired options. The Captions tab is where you can edit the automated captions for 100% accuracy.

Alternatively, if you access Kaltura through Canvas, there are three possible pathways: My Media, Media Gallery, and the Canvas toolbar. The My Media course menu link, the Media Gallery course menu link, and the Canvas toolbar. The difference between the My Media option and the Media Gallery option is that My Media is private to you whereas Media Gallery is public to the course. You will see the same options and steps as described above.


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Thu 3/4/21 3:40 PM