How to install and configure the Microsoft Remote Desktop client

What is Microsoft Remote Desktop client used for?

The Microsoft Remote Desktop client can be used for remotely connecting to another computer you have access to, but also allows you to run any virtual apps or desktops that SJU has made available to you through the Azure Virtual Desktop service.  The following article provides instructions on how to download and install the client. 


You must be running macOS 10.14 or higher, or Windows 10.  

Where to download the installers:

  • If you're using a Windows computer, the client can be downloaded from here.
  • If you're using a macOS computer:
    • For SJU-managed Macs, please install using Managed Software Center (it's listed under Microsoft Remote Desktop).
    • For personal Macs, please install using the App Store.
  • If you're using a Google Chromebook, you can download the client from the Google Play store.

For additional information, or if you'd like to install the client on your Android device or your iOS device, please see Microsoft's article here

Windows setup:

  • Once you've completed the installation of the Remote Desktop client, you will have a shortcut in your Start Menu or on your desktop that will look like the two following examples:

  • Open one of your "Remote Desktop" shortcuts to launch the application.
  • Once opened, you will see the following screen appear:

  • Click the blue "Subscribe" button. The following screen will appear if you are not already signed into another Microsoft application using your email address:

  • Enter your SJU email address (i.e. <username> ) and click "Next".  The following screen will appear:

  • It is important that you click the "Work or school account" option.  If you mistakenly select the "Personal account" option, you will not be able to sign in. You will then be prompted to enter your SJU password (example below):

  • Once you've clicked "Sign in", you will see a new screen asking if you would "Allow my organization to manage my device".  Please uncheck the box as shown below, and then select "No, sign in to this app only":

  • Depending on what applications or desktops are made available to you, you will see a similar screen where you can open apps that are accessible:

  • After launching an app, you may be required to enter your SJU password one additional time. 

macOS setup:

  1. Follow the installation instructions above, depending if your Mac was purchased by the University or not.
  2. Click the Finder icon in the dock, then the Go menu. Select Applications.
  3. Double-click to open Microsoft Remote Desktop.
  4. At the top of the main window, click the Workspaces tab.
  5. Click the blue Add Workspace tab.
  6. Paste in the following URL:
  7. Click the Add button.
  8. When prompted to sign in, enter your full SJU email address, then click Next.
  9. You'll be prompted for your SJU password, too. Enter that and click Next.
  10. If successful, you'll see all of your virtual apps.


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