Error message when printing


SJU MobilePrint and Print Center have a file size limit of 25MB.

  • Attempting to print a file larger than 25MB results in an error message "Printing - Filter failed." 
  • Attempting to upload a file larger than 25MB to the Print Center website results in an error message "Unknown error. Please contact your network administrator."
  • Attempting to email a file larger than 25MB to results in an email message "MobilePrint Notification: Unfortunately, none of your documents were able to be processed. MobilePrint has been configured to process only attachments."


  1. Multi-page documents over 25MB must be printed in batches segmented to under 25MB. 

  2. Single page print jobs must have their file size reduced by editing and optimizing images to lower resolution.

If you have any questions, please contact the Technology Service Center at 610.660.2920.


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Wed 12/8/21 5:05 PM
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