Security Awareness Training

SJU Security Awareness

This document will summarize the access and use of the SANS/Litmos security awareness platform. 

In advance of each training, you will receive an email with a link to the security course. This email will come from SJU using the email address Here is an example of an email:

Email Example SANS

Logging In

To login, go to the URL

Then click the big green “LOGIN” button.

Login Button

You will then be redirected to the Saint Joseph’s University SSO login page.

Please enter your SJU username and password and click the “LOGIN” button.

Learner Dashboard

After you login, below is the home dashboard that you will see.

Learner Dashboard

As your scroll down the dashboard page you will see your Assigned Training Metrics

Assigned Training Metrics

Below the Assigned Training Metrics is your assigned training. This will show assigned, in progress, overdue and completed security awareness trainings.Training Status

Starting a Course

Click on the course you are assigned and then click the “Start this course” button

Start this course button

When the course loads you will be prompted to select a language then click the play button to start the module. After the first module is complete you will click the “Next Module” button to continue to the next module and repeat until the course is finished.

Assigned Interactive Training

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