Workday Functions & What Systems It Has Replaced

Saint Joseph's University has embarked on a multi-year, phased implementation of Workday. Aligned with SJU's strategic plan and the initiative to foster greater strength and stability, the Workday Human Capital Management (HCM) system was launched in June 2022. The next phase of the implementation focuses on the Workday Financial Management platform, which will launch  on June 1, 2023.

The tables below provide an overview of the functions that Workday will support, the systems Workday will replace, and what Workday means for members of the SJU community. Please review the Table of Contents for links to all Workday-related job aids and training items, as well as what systems and processes have not yet moved or are not moving to Workday.

Important information about system transitions from Banner to Workday Finance, including dates and training opportunities will be provided in spring 2023.  


Benefits of Workday:

  • Deliver a strategic, new, state-of-the-art Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution to support the University for years to come
  • Enhanced self-service and autonomy in managing processes
  • Opportunities for greater efficiencies by streamlining and automating processes
  • Significant transparency into process statuses, details, and communication, allowing everyone to access more information about each process timeline
  • An enhanced and integrated environment for data sharing
  • Provide faculty, staff, and student workers with cloud-based, mobile-friendly tools
  • Provide faculty and staff with greater access to HR and Finance information


Workday is efficient, transparent, and streamlined


Workday Finance: Key Highlights (Launching June 2023)



Workday will support: Right now, users... (Current State) With Workday, you can... (Future State)


Prepare paper expense reports & receipts

Manually track the status of expense reports

Snap a photo & upload your receipts either online or with your phone

Monitor the automated workflow & approval status online

Travel Authorizations Bookings are handled through Concur with no prior approval Approval workflow is automatic & pre-populates expense reports
P-Card Processing Reconcile monthly statements outside of Banner through PNC Visa Spend Clarity Reconcile transactions directly in Workday
Requisitions Completed requisition form in Banner and upload supporting documentation in TeamDynamix Enter requisition and supporting documentation directly in Workday, which is then automatically routed for approval


Financial Reporting

Workday will support: Right now, users... (Current State)   With Workday, you can... (Future State)

 Financial Reporting

Reports generated through multiple systems, updated periodically View actuals, budget, and other financial information in Workday in real time
Foundation Data Model (Previously FOAPAL) Outdated chart of accounts with inconsistent structure & hierarchies Streamlined foundation data model utilizing custom dimensions
Budget Amendments Enter budget adjustments  into excel and send to Budget office Initiate and enter budget amendments into Workday 
Journal Entries Enter journal entries into excel and send to Controller's office with support Enter journal entries and attach supporting documents in Workday

Workday HCM Functions Overview (live as of June 1, 2022)

Workday functionality, what system it will replace, and brief overview of impacts

Workday will support: Previously, users went to... Now, in Workday, you can see...

Core HR Transactions

(e.g., personal information, viewing job information/details, compensation, separations, etc)

Banner HCM
  • All core HR transactions are performed in Workday, except for recruitment of new employees.  Employee recruitment is scheduled to move to Workday by Fall, 2023
  • All employees will have access to view personal compensation information in Workday
Payroll Banner HCM (accessed through The Nest)
  • Instead of using Self-Service Banner, all users will log into Workday to view paychecks and view/update direct deposit and W-4 information
Employee and Faculty Self-service Banner HCM (accessed through The Nest)
  • All employees will access Workday to update demographic information, including but not limited to address, emergency contacts, etc.
  • This includes updating preferred names


Benefits/IBX Portal (accessed through The Nest) 
  • All employees will view benefit information, update benefits when possible due to life and job events, and select benefits during open enrollment 
  • Retirement plan updates will still be made via the TIAA website, but all other benefits can be updated within Workday
Position Management PeopleAdmin 
  • Workday will enable managers to process title changes, salary increases, and status changes, while also allowing SJU to create accurate FTE reports, manage and analyze our workforce, and better facilitate compliance
  • PeopleAdmin will remain the system for the recruiting and the job requisition process until Fall 2023.
Absence/Leave Management Banner HCM (accessed through The Nest)
  • All employees can request time off and view their sick time, vacation time, and any PTO balance in Workday
  • Managers will be able to approve time off requests from any device with internet access (including smart phones)
Time Tracking Banner HCM (accessed through The Nest)
  • All non-exempt, non-union employees will enter and submit time electronically in Workday 
  • Managers will approve time electronically in Workday
  • Union members will continue to use time clocks at this time
Faculty Information Management (rank and tenure) Information is maintained in Banner (PEAFACT), academic departments, Deans’ Offices, and the Provost’s Office 
  • Academic appointment information will be maintained in Workday
  • Faculty members will be able to view rank, tenure and academic appointment information.


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