Change Your Tax Withholding Elections in Workday

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Viewing Your Current Tax Elections

To view your current elections from your profile, click on the Pay page (you may need to click "More" to view this button):


Changing Your Tax Elections

  1. From the app menu, click the Pay application:
    • Screenshot of app menu with the Pay app circled
  2. Under Actions, click Withholding Elections:
    • Screenshot of pay app with withholding elections circled in the Actions menu
  3. Choose the Federal, State, or Local Elections tab and click Update:
    • ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
  4. Follow the prompts to open up your tax elections and correct anything necessary (e.g. the appropriate state) - the effective date must be on or after today's date or you will receive an error.
    • Please provide the payroll office with at least 48 hours to process this prior to the close of the payroll period. Otherwise, your new elections will take effect in the next payroll period.
  5. Once the form is open, you can fill out the information directly in this window. All fields with a red asterisk MUST be completed or you will receive an error. 
    • Example PA Residency Tax form in Workday with required fields circledExample of a PA Residency Tax form in Workday
  6. Make sure to review the Legal Notice and click I Agree
  7. Click OK to finish this process.

In the change window, you can also click View Blank Form to download a PDF copy of the appropriate withholding form. If you download and print this form, please return it to the Payroll Office at least 5 business days prior to the close of payroll for your elections to be updated. Otherwise, they will be updated for the next payroll period.

PA Residency tax form with View Blank Form circled


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