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Payslips in Workday will look slightly different that those you may have printed from Banner previously. All information previously contained on your payslip from Banner is still reflected in every Workday payslip. In fact, the payslips available in Workday will have more information, including your federal and state withholding elections listed on each payslip for easy viewing.

Below, find an example of a payslip in Workday as well as instructions on how to access it. If you'd like to see how the payslips differ between what was available in Banner and what is now available in Workday, please watch this two minute video.


Your Payslip in Workday

(Yellow boxes indicate information that has moved or is new)

Screenshot of Workday payslip with corresponding sections noted and new information annotated


Finding and Printing a Payslip in Workday

You can watch this video (1:43) or follow the instructions below to view and print your payslips in Workday after June 1.

  1. On June 1, you will have access to your Workday account via The Nest
  2. Once in Workday, click on the Pay application from the App Menu:
  3. In the Pay application, click on "View Payslips"
    • Screenshot of Pay app in Workday with view payslips circled
  4. From this page, you can view or print any specific payslip or use the "Print Multiple Payslips" option to print any payslips you need.

If you have any questions, please contact the Payroll Office at

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