Direct Deposit in Workday

Viewing & Managing Your Direct Deposit in Workday

You can view and adjust your payment elections/direct deposit either in a web browser or via the Workday mobile app.

  1. To view your payment elections in Workday, including whether you're signed up for paper checks or direct deposit, as well as what account your deposit is being sent to, navigate to the "Pay" app in Workday and click on "Payment Elections"
    • Screenshot of Workday Pay app "Actions" menu with "Payment Elections" circled
  2. Here you will see your main Payment Elections dashboard, with your current account(s) listed.
    • You can edit, remove, or view any specific account using the buttons to the right of that account, or you can add a new account. New employees who have not yet added any payment elections will only see the "Add" button. 
    • Your account number will ONLY show the last 4 digits of the account. If you are concerned the account number is incorrect, click "Edit" and re-enter the account number.


Adding & Managing Multiple Accounts

  1. You can have up to 10 payment election accounts in Workday. To add a new account, click the "Add" button from your Payment Elections dashboard (shown above) to access the "Add Account" screen and enter all of the account information:
    • Make sure the routing number is the same as listed on a check and NOT a wire transfer routing number
    • It can be helpful to add "Account Nicknames" 
    • When all the account information is entered, click "OK"
    • Add account window screenshot with "OK" circled
  2. Once you have added multiple accounts, you will see them show up in your "Accounts" list. You still need to update your "Payment Elections" list for any changes to take effect. To do this, click "Edit" in your Payment Elections list:
    • Screenshot of payment elections dashboard with "Edit" circled next to payment elections
  3. Next, you will need to add the new account to your Payment Elections by clicking the plus sign:
    • Screenshot of payment elections with plus sign circled
  4. You will need to add all of the information for the line by clicking on the open search boxes and choosing the appropriate items:
  5. Once your account information is added, you can choose how much money to send to each account either by a specific amount or a percentage.
    • If you choose a percentage, then the percentages across all accounts must equal 100%
    • If you choose a specific amount, the last account listed MUST be listed as "Balance"; you can change the order of accounts listed with the arrows on the left side of the table
    • Once you are satisfied with your elections, click "OK"
    • Screenshot of payment elections with arrows circled in the "Order" column as well as Balance/Amount/Percent circled
  6. Your full payment elections should now be reflected in your Workday dashboard:


If you have any questions, please submit a Workday Payroll ticket here.

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