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Will my years of service be honored?


Your hire date for the merged institution will reflect your hire date at the PA College of Health Sciences. For all purposes where years of service are considered and celebrated, that is the date that will be reflected. (These include, but are not limited to, time off schedules, retirement & tuition benefit vesting, hybrid work option, etc.)

SJU Policies & Benefits - How are they different?

SJU policies and benefits differ in some respects from those at PA College. Detailed information about both topics can be found in the "Related Articles" linked on the right side of this page. Information & Q&A sessions on our policies - including the tuition benefit - will be held during the HR-a-Thon December 4-8. We will be happy to answer any questions then!

You are encouraged to review the Staff & Administrative Employee Handbook for most employment policies, as well as the SJU Policy Library for a comprehensive list of University policies.

Please note particular differences in how SJU administers our short-term disability benefits, vacation and paid time off, and the different variety of leaves of absence and their related policies/processes. 

Weekly Schedule

Saint Joseph's University has a 35-hour work week, with a 1-hour unpaid lunch (typically 9am-5pm, Monday-Friday). Pay periods are Monday-Sunday. The 2024 payroll schedule, including dates of each pay period, can be found in the "When is Payday?" article linked on the right.

Hybrid Schedule Option

All SJU employees whose positions are amenable to it are eligible to participate in our hybrid work option for up to 2 days per week. Each hybrid arrangement employee will be required to sign and comply with a Hybrid Work Agreement. Not all positions are amenable to a hybrid arrangement. Hybrid arrangement requirements, permission, expectations and procedures must be communicated formally in writing by your department head. Please work with your supervisor to discuss this possibility and submit the appropriate form at any time after the merger close date.

Where to Find More Information

  • The Merger Resources tab at the top of this page (as well as the "Related Articles" linked on the right)
  • Employee Handbooks:
    • Staff and Administrative Handbook (link coming)
    • Faculty Handbook (updated August 2023)
  • SJU Policy Library
  • The Nest - SJU's intranet, which has links to many more resources and documents. This will be accessible once you receive your SJU credentials in mid-November.
  • Announcements @ SJU - a comprehensive centralized repository for all the latest announcements.

If you don't see your question here or in other articles, please feel free to email humanresources@sju.edu



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