How reliable are the services offered by Google?

G Suite offers a 99.9% Service Level Agreement (SLA) for covered services, and in recent years we’ve exceeded this promise. In 2013, Gmail achieved 99.978% availability. Furthermore, G Suite has no scheduled downtime or maintenance windows. Unlike most providers, we do not plan for our applications to be unavailable, even when we're upgrading our services or maintaining our systems. Google Cloud Platform has a 99.95% SLA, Google BigQuery Service, and the standard storage class of Google Cloud Storage have a 99.9% SLA except for the Durable Reduced Availability Storage class of Google Cloud Storage which has a 99% SLA.

To minimize service interruption due to hardware failures, natural disasters or other incidents, Google has built a highly redundant infrastructure of data centers. G Suite has an RPO (Recovery Point Objective) target of zero, and our RTO (Recovery Time Objective) target is instant failover (or zero).

To view the G Suite Service Level Agreement in its entirety, click here.

To view the G Suite Status Dashboard, click here.

Full list of G Suite Services covered under the SLA:
Please note that some of these services are not offered under our contract with Google at this time so they will not be available to you in your SJU Google account.


  Google Calendar  
  Google Talk  
  Google Drive  
  Google Docs  
  Google Sheets  
  Google Slides  
  Google Sites  
  Google Groups  
  Admin console  
  Google Hangouts  
  Google Vault  
  Google Forms  
  Google Cloud Search  
  Google Keep
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