Upgrading Gamebreaker for Mac

To upgrade from Gamebreaker 10 to 11, you'll need to follow these steps:

  1. Open Gamebreaker 10.
  2. Click the Gamebreaker menu, then click About.  Note the license code that was originally used to authorize Gamebreaker.  Click the 'Dismiss' button.
  3. Click the Gamebreaker menu again, then click 'Change Registration'.
  4. Paste the full license code that was used to authorize Gamebreaker 10.
  5. Click 'Deauthorize'.
  6. When prompted, enter your login and password.
  7. Quit Gamebreaker.
  8. In your Applications folder, open Managed Software Center.
  9. Click the 'Software' tab.
  10. Scroll down to Gamebreaker, then click 'Install'.
  11. Click 'OK' on the dialog box that will appear.
  12. As detailed in the dialog box, Managed Software Center will delete Gamebreaker 10 and install Gamebreaker 11.
  13. After Gamebreaker 11 is installed, open it.
  14. Click the Gamebreaker menu, then click 'Change Registration'.
  15. Enter your new Gamebreaker 11 license code.
  16. When prompted, enter your login and password.
  17. Gamebreaker 11 should be ready for use.

If you need assistance after following these steps, request assistance here.


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