How can I subscribe to the OIT Change Management Google Calendar?

In an effort to be more transparent and share information regarding upcoming technology outages and new releases, the Office of Information Technology has created a public calendar accessible by anyone with a valid SJU account.  Below are the instructions for subscribing to this calendar through your SJU Google account:

  1. Login to SJU Google
  2. Click on the Apps Menu in the upper right corner and click on the calendar icon
  3. Go to the gear icon in the upper right corner, click on Settings
  4. Click On the Calendars link in the upper left
  5. Under Other Calendars - click on the link that reads "Browse interesting calendars"
  6. Click on the link that reads "More" in the upper left corner
  7. From the list displayed, click on the link that reads "Resources for"
  8. Locate the calendar named Change Management and click the 'Subscribe" link to the right. This calendar will now appear in your list of Other Calendars in Google.


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Wed 11/8/17 5:08 PM
Wed 11/8/17 5:08 PM