Two Factor Authentication with Duo Mobile

Q. What is Two Factor Authentication?
A. Two Factor Authentication (often abbreviated as 2FA) is a method for providing an additional layer of security to entering your user name and password. 2FA ensures that even if someone knows your password, only you will be able to securely log in.

Q. How do I use Two Factor Authentication to connect to the VPN Gateway? 
A. Once you enroll a designated device, such as your smart phone, connecting to the Virtual Private Network (VPN) gateway using your user name and password will automatically push a notification to your device requiring your approval to complete the VPN connection. 

On January 2, 2020, devices running iOS 10, Android 6, or older will no longer be able to install Duo Mobile. To be sure, please update your device before proceeding. 

Device Enrollment

1. After you receive the “Duo Security Enrollment” email sent by Duo Security, click the provided link to begin the enrollment process. You may use your computer or your mobile device to complete the device enrollment. You may also go to to enroll a device.

2. On the next page, please click the "Start setup" button:

3. Next you'll identify the type of device you are adding. Please select "Mobile phone" and then click "Continue". 

4. Enter your phone number starting with the area code. The form will validate your phone number and then prompt you to approve the phone number again to continue. 

5. Next, specify the type of phone that is associated with your phone number:

6. Install the Duo Mobile app on your mobile device. In our example, Duo Mobile for iOS will be installed from the Apple App Store. 

7. Here is the Duo Mobile for iOS product description page in the Apple App Store.

8. Please click "Allow" at the prompt "'Duo Mobile' Would Like to Send You Notifications".

9. Finally, confirm your device information, select "Automatically send this device a Duo Push" and then click the "Finish Enrollment" button.

10. Successful device enrollment is indicated by a final celebratory image.

Duo Mobile Usage with VPN

1. Connect to VPN as usual with your SJU user name and password. A push notification is automatically sent to your registered device:

2. Unlock your device and open Duo Mobile by tapping the notification. Click the "Approve" button only if you are sure that you initiated the secure connection yourself. 

Additional information on Duo Mobile may be found at You can also manage your DUO devices and settings here:


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