Creating Your Quality Matters (QM) Account

At the completion of your online course (re)development, you will use the Quality Matters (QM) self-review tool to review your online development space. To access the review tool, you will need to create a MyQM account using your SJU email address. When setting up your account, please select Saint Joseph's University as your institution/organization. 

Once you have created an account, follow these steps to start your review:

  1. Click CRMS (Course Review Management System) from the top navigation menu. 
  2. Click My Course Reviews, located in the left navigation menu, to expand the course review menu.
  3. Select Self-Reviews.
  4. Click Complete New Self-Review
  5. Complete the self-review and email a copy of the results to yourself.
  6. Submit your completed self-review to your Academic Stakeholder for final approval.  

*If you are redeveloping a course, we highly recommend that you conduct a QM self-review of your course prior to starting the redevelopment process. This review will help you identify the course components that need to be redeveloped. 


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