What is the best way to upload videos, images, and audio to Kaltura?

Any Canvas user can upload videos, images, and/or audio to Assignments, Discussions, or Pages, by accessing the Kaltura Media Widget. 

1. Navigate to the Page, Assignment, Discussion, or Announcement where you would like to embed the videos, images, and/or audio.

2. Click on the Kaltura icon (looks like a colorful pinwheel). The Embed Kaltura Media window will open.

Canvas RCE Toolbar

3. Click on Add New, and then on Media Upload

Kaltura Add New Menu


4. Click on +Choose a file to upload

Choose a file to upload


5. Fill out the details and click on Save. Then, click on Back to Browse and Embed



6. Locate the video/image/audio file you would like to embed, and to the right of it click on the downward arrow to select a preview window size.

Media Size Select


7. The video/image/audio file has now been uploaded and embedded to the page. To save the video/image/audio file to the page and see the video thumbnail, please click Save at the bottom of the Rich Content Editor.

Kaltura Media Preview

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