How to register your SJU ID card so that you can print from the computer labs around campus

In order to print at public printers located around campus in different computer labs, students will need a valid SJU issued "Hawk Card". 

Before a student can print, their Hawk Card needs to be registered.

Here's how to register your Hawk Card:

Simply swipe your hawk card at a swipe terminal connected to the printer where you'll be picking up your printed documents. 
The swipe terminals are attached to each printer and look like this:

  • Note: Previously, students had to type in their username and password at one of the Touchscreen Swipe Terminals in order to register their Hawk Card.  As of January 2019, there is no longer any need to enter a username or a password using the touchscreen. 
  • As long as your Hawk Card is current and the magnetic strip is not too worn, registration is automatic when you swipe your card at any of the swipe stations attached to any student printers located in the library and around campus. 
  • If you are asked for a username or password,  just cancel back to the home screen and swipe your card. 
  • Registering your card makes you eligible for 200 free black and white prints each semester. 

Additional Note:  You will need to successfully register your card before MobilePrint and Print Center become available. 



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