Event and Room Scheduling Portal

Event and Room Scheduling Portal

The SJU community can access it from the Nest’s Home page in two ways:  

  1. Click on the Reserve a Room quick link at the top of the page
  2. Click on the link entitled “Reserve a Room for Events/Meeting” in the Useful Link channel.  

Also, you can directly access the room reservation portal by going to schedule.sju.edu and entering your SJU username and password. Room requests for all University space will be accepted including general classrooms, computer labs, specialty classrooms and special event space.  Special event space includes rooms in Campion, the Haub Executive Center in McShain, the Foley Center, and outdoor spaces.

The launch of EnCampus Enterprise is another step by the university to improve the room reservation process and provide a more streamlined, integrated request model.  With EnCampus, the university will be able to consolidate all scheduling activities in a single repository and campus schedulers will be able to efficiently manage resources and events. Using the portal, faculty, staff, and students can conveniently request a room reservation for a scheduled event themselves instead of having to place calls to check on room availability.  Requesters can assess location features, pictures, and layout options of rooms prior to selecting a location.  

As we move forward with this transition, please send feedback or specific questions about the new system to schedule@sju.edu.  Links to the documentation will be available in the portal.



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