How do I connect my TV to the campus cable?

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To connect to the campus television system simply follow these instructions:

1)      Connect a coax cable to the TV outlet on the wall and to the back of your TV. You should plan to supply this cable. Virtually any digital (newer) TV can be connected simply and easily although there are some models that must be handled like an analog TV (see below).

2)      Turn on the television.

3)      TV menus differ by manufacturer and model, but open the menu for your TV. Generally you should open ‘settings’ or something similar. Select the option to autoprogram/channel setup/channel scan in order to prompt your TV to identify available channels on the campus television system. You should refer to your owner’s manual if you cannot locate the correct option from your menu. Note that while there are 4 channels from 3.1 through 3.4 that are reserved for special/future programming, at this time all the available TV channels will be between 23.1 and 34.8. (96 channels)

4)      If the TV does not find any or all the channels. You may need to run this scan a second time.

If you have an analog TV (typically an older model that will often have a picture tube), or certain digital TV models, you will need a small set top converter box. This box has an RF input connection that you should connect to the TV outlet on the wall using a coax cable and then a second cable should be connected from the RF output on the box to your TV. We have these IVIEW boxes available to students as needed. You may request one by contacting the Technology Service Center (TSC) in the Science Center - Room 129. Once this is connected, you will still need to run the autoprogram/scan once or twice as noted above on the set top box.

If you have any problems, please submit a request for assistance here.

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