How to enroll a Windows computer into AirWatch?

This guide helps walk you through enrolling your SJU issued computer into AirWatch, which allows your computer to be encrypted and data to be secured.


For the next few steps, the end-user who has been issued the computer needs to be present and will be required to enter their email address, username, and password.  You will need to be plugged into the SJU network during this process.

1.Select "Email" under the "Authenticate with" section


2.Enter the recipient's (end user's) email address and click Next:


3. If a successful connection is made to our management portal, the following screen will be displayed, requiring the user to enter their SJU username and password:


4.The next screen will take a few moments to confirm the user information:


5.  If successful, you will receive the following screen:


This completes the process of enrolling any single-user assigned SJU computer into AirWatch, allowing it to be encrypted using BitLocker.


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