Adding DegreeWorks Exceptions


General Rules When Using Exceptions   

  • Access to the “Exceptions” tab has only been given to those designated from  each department who have attended Exceptions Training.
  • All exceptions will be monitored by the Office of the Registrar on regular basis to ensure curricular integrity and accuracy.
  • Exceptions will remain for a student with terms of absence, but will disappear if the student changes his/her major or program.
  • If an exception or note was added in error or no longer applies and needs to be deleted, please submit a ticket to the Registrar's Office

Add an Exception

  • Log into DegreeWorks
  • Enter the ID of the student, hit Enter, and in the top toolbar, select Exceptions

  • Scroll down to the appropriate block and click the blue + sign next to the section where you want to add an exception

  • Select the appropriate exception type from the Exception Type drop down, complete the required fields, and select Add Exception.
    • See the Definitions section below for an explanation of each exception type


Force Complete- Forces a requirement to be met when there is no substitution.

Substitution- Used to substitute one course for another. Substitution can be applied before of after an alternate course is taken.

Also Allow- Used when you wish to expand the course options available for a specific requirement. In many instances, this is a better option than using the Substitute exception. Also allow can be applied before or after the alternate course is taken.

Apply Here- Used when you need to move a course from one place in an audit to another. Apply here can be used before or after the alternate course is taken. 



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