Windows Security Updates: Your Organization Requires Your Device to Restart


Windows users will occasionally see notifications requiring device restarts.


To keep our SJU-managed devices secure, we require timely installation of security patches.  While the downloads are automated, there are instances when the machine falls behind because it is not restarted. Consequently, Windows users may notice from time-to-time that they are required to restart their Windows device.  These notifications will appear only when devices fall behind on critical security updates.  This is a typical notification that appears when your Windows device needs to restart:

This is a similar notification:

Restarting your device at least once a week (and preferably everyday) will prevent such messages from appearing.  In some instances, if a machine has fallen several weeks or months behind, it will need two or more restarts. 

Finally, it is worth noting that your device will need Internet access to successfully install security updates.



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Mon 1/3/22 2:12 PM
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