Using Publisher Textbook Digital Resources in Canvas


Information on using publisher textbook digital materials in Canvas.


Most textbook publishers develop instructional materials for students to use in conjunction with their textbooks, including slide deck presentations. These materials can be a lifesaver when faculty members are looking for materials to include in their online courses. They’re typically already in a digital format and tend to integrate well with many learning management systems. However, faculty must be careful in using these supplemental publisher resources in Canvas, specifically paying close attention to the Terms of Use and Copyright Policy of the publisher resource materials.  More often than not, the major textbook publishers (i.e., McGraw-Hill, Pearson, Macmillan, Cengage) have a business process and specific contacts, if not an entire department, dedicated to managing permission requests.  A request for permission to upload digital materials for student access is required prior to integration of the materials in Canvas.

Please see the list below for links to information regarding making permission requests for use of the textbook instructional resources in Canvas. If the publisher is not listed here, please contact   Appropriate arrangements will be made to determine  the permissions required.




Jones and Bartlett Learning As long as the textbook that the resources are accompanying is adopted in a course, the faculty has the right to modify and distribute the instructor materials for the purpose of teaching their course.




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