Adding DegreeWorks Notes


  • Log into DegreeWorks
  • Enter the ID of the student, hit Enter, and click the three dots on the right side of the page.


  • Select Notes in the drop down menu


  • Any previously entered notes will be listed here (and also at the bottom of the student's DW page).  To enter a new note, select Add a New Note.


  • To select a predefined note that populates the start of common advising notes, select the Predefined Notes drop down and select your note.


  • Type your note in the Add Description text box.  If you do not want the note to be visible to the student, check the Not Available to Student box, otherwise leave it blank. Click Save Note.
  • In addition to this method of viewing and entering notes, they can also be viewed at the bottom of the student's DW page.  Please remember to click the Process button to refresh the page and display any new notes that were entered.



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