How do I use IRS Data Retrieval on the FAFSA?


Using data retrieval on the FAFSA

If you are filing a FAFSA for the first time, click here access step-by-step instructions on how to use data retrieval and other FAFSA processes.

If you have already filed your FAFSA and wish to now utilize data retrieval on the FAFSA:

1)     Go to, and log in

2)     Click “make FAFSA corrections” sign in with your FSA ID and create password

3)     In order to use data retrieval, each of the following must be true, make sure tax return status now says, already completed and that you can answer no to each of the following questions. If you cannot answer no to the following questions, click here for instructions on how to get a tax return transcript.


     a) Have you or your parent filed a puerto Rican or foreiagn tax return?

     b) Did you or your parents file a Form 1040X amendeded tax return?


4)     If all of these items are a no, an option will then pop up below to link to the IRS data, click link to IRS data, you will receive a notice you are leaving FAFSA on the web to go to the IRS system, click ok. You will then receive a notice, the system you are using is for authorized purposes only, click ok.

5)     Select filing status and enter address listed on your tax return, click, “submit.”

6)     You will see your IRS information; side by side with the questions that it is populating on the FAFSA, review for accuracy, click the box below and then click “transfer now.”


7)     This will populate the data into your FAFSA. Note, if you have to make corrections to any of this data, you will need to submit a paper tax return transcript to the office if selected for verification, this retrieval will not meet verification requirements if the data is changed.

8)  If both parent and student filed, you will need to do two links to the IRS and two transfers as you will do this for both the parent and student section of the FAFSA.

9)  Once data is transferred, make sure you go all the way to end of the application (the sign and submit tab) and click submit, both parent and student must sign the application with each of their PIN’s, and make sure you make it through to the final button of “submit my FAFSA.” This will ensure the FAFSA correction is sent to the school with your data transfers from the IRS.



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