Accessibility Within Apple Products


Accessible digital content means that any person, regardless of ability, has an equal opportunity to acquire information, engage in interactions, and all done with equivalent ease of use. Apple products (Mac, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, or Apple TV) have a variety of built-in accessibility tools and features. For example, Apple devices let you write a text message or email without seeing the screen. For more information on the accessibility features, click on "built-in accessibility tools and features."

Selecting option, command, and F5 on your Mac will bring up the accessibility options on your computer.  These options include:

Zoom - works like a digital magnifying glass to make the entire screen larger or to enlarge just the area where the pointer is located.

VoiceOver - describes exactly what’s happening on your device's screen so that you can navigate your device just by listening. Apple’s built-in apps support VoiceOver, which will talk you through tasks you do with the built-in apps.

Mouse & Keyboard -  are assistive features built-in to Apple products that give people with physical limitations greater control when using a device. For example, the ability to navigate your macOS with minimal use of a physical keyboard. 

Display - if you have color blindness or other vision challenges, you can adjust the view on your device so that it works better for you. Choose from a range of color filters or fine-tune them, and turn on Invert Colors on all your devices to instantly change the values and create more contrast.

Mac Accessibility Shortcuts Menu

For more information about Mac accessibility shortcuts that allow you to control your Mac with a keyboard or assistive device, visit the accessibility site.


For 24/7 support with accessibility features in Apple products, you can call 1-877-204-3930 or send an email to If you prefer to review the documentation and support resources online, click the link and select the desired product. 


The App Store has a list of applications (apps) that help with everything from routine tasks to communication. To locate apps for accessibility,

  1. Click on the App Store
  2. Select the Apps tab
  3. Scroll to the "Quick Links" area
  4. Select Apps for Accessibility





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