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Connect Android and Kindle to eduroam
Connect and iPhone or iPad to eduroam
How to connect to eduroam
Installation instructions for the SP350 softphone. Please note this will require VPN access with your user account added to the rules for softphone usage.
Information on using publisher textbook digital materials in Canvas.
In the event that routine work or academic functions are disrupted due to prolonged campus or building closures, you may find it necessary to work or teach a class from off campus. We provide a variety of services to connect you with colleagues and students remotely so that work and learning can continue uninterrupted.
VPN and Azure MFA are necessary if employees need to access administrative forms in Banner, network share drives, Cognos reports or Banner document management.
List of Mersive Solstice wireless connection pods available in Campus Rooms.
Mersive Solstice is a platform agnostic collaborative wireless presentation technology. Solstice enables multiple users to connect simultaneously and share content without the need of plugging in or switching cables or inputs. The Solstice Pod, when installed in an presentation system, enables devices running Apple iOS, macOS, Android, and Microsoft Windows to wirelessly connect and display audio and video.
Instructions for how to add an image into your email signature
This article outlines new security settings initiatives that are being managed on SJU issues Macs and PCs.
Windows users will occasionally see notifications requiring device restarts.
How To Print on Labels From a HawkPrint device.
Open support sessions are available to everyone within the SJU community. Check out our hours!