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Get started in Bridge by learning about the settings options, how to edit your profile (including adding skills!), and how to search for other people in the system. You can also search for skills to connect with potential mentors or people with similar interests!
Information on why and when captions are needed.
A list of commonly used tools for creating course content.
Overview of the Software Center for SJU issued PC's.
This article outlines new security settings initiatives that are being managed on SJU issues Macs and PCs.
This article provides instructions on how to import a Canvas course template into an empty course or sandbox.
This helps supervisors navigate to approve time sheets and leave reports.
This helps employees to navigate adding a Proxy to approve time for their direct reports when on vacation or leave.
Upload videos to assignments, discussions, or pages, by accessing the Kaltura Media Widget.
Directions to complete tuition remission forms in People Admin
How do I use the Accessibility Checker in the Rich Content Editor of Canvas?
In canvas, the Rich Content Editor (RCE) is the area used for editing text. It typically includes a toolbar and formatting options grouped by common icons and interactions.
Instructions on how to create a Quality Matters (QM) account to complete a self-review of an online course.
Quality Matters (QM) Rubric for HIgher Education
This article provided instructions on how to copy content from one course to another within Canvas.
A quick guide for administrative staff (non-union) on how to add goals to your Bridge account to aid in on-going performance conversations.
Top ten things faculty should know in Canvas.