Third-Party Applications

What is it?
A third-party application is a mini-application that runs within Canvas.  They are often written by to extend the functionality of Canvas.  This includes textbook publisher applications or third-party websites.
Who Can Use It?
This service is available to all Faculty of the University
Where can I access this service?
Once a third-party application is activated in Canvas, it will be available at the course level to the entire institution.  

To request a third-party application, please click the “Request Service” button to the right.

Each request received will be reviewed in detail and a determination as to whether or not to proceed with said request will be made based on use and the risks associated with the use of the third party platform.  A technician will respond regarding the ticket status within three business days. Please be aware that a full response, including ability to use said application, may take 6 weeks to 6 months, depending on the third party application being requested.


Request Service


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