Policy Governing the Disposition of University-owned Digital Assets

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The purpose of this document is to define the policy governing the disposition of any university owned digital asset and associated information that are under consideration for transfer from one university employee to another employee.  In circumstances where an academic or administrative manager (supervisor) intends to transfer an asset, that asset must be assessed by the Office of Information Technology (OIT) prior to the transfer.  The purposes of this assessment include:

  1. To determine if the asset is free of viruses or malware that may compromise its use by another employee, and to remove any software that may compromise the intended use of the asset.
  2. To ensure that any personally identifiable information belonging to the employee relinquishing the asset is removed prior to the asset’s use by another employee.
  3. To safely archive and remove from the asset any university information that may have been stored on it, but for which possession of such information is not necessary for another employee to perform his/her duties.
  4. To ensure the asset has the appropriate configuration information and, as required, software to enable another user of that asset to execute his/her duties.
  5. To update inventory information maintained by OIT pertaining to university owned assets.

When a supervisor determines that an asset will be transferred, an assessment request must be submitted to OIT 10 business days in advance of the transfer date.  An OIT service representative will coordinate an acceptable day and time on which the asset assessment will take place, and initiate a plan for transferring the asset to another employee.  No asset may be used by another employee until this assessment is complete, and the transfer plan has been executed.


This policy encompasses all digital assets purchased by the university for employee use, including:

  • Desktop computers
  • Laptop computers
  • Tablet computing devices
  • Mobile/Smart phones
  • Peripherals connected to university owned digital assets.

This policy applies to a number of actions that may affect the disposition of university owned digital assets, including:

  • The voluntary separation of an employee from the university
  • The termination of an employee
  • The transfer of an employee from one university department to another department
  • The hiring of a new employee, and a management decision to transfer an existing asset to that new hire
  • A management decision to reorganize the operation of a department which includes a transfer or relocation of digital assets

In all such cases, it is the responsibility of the supervisor overseeing the actions to coordinate an assessment with an OIT representative.

Oversight and Advisory Groups                    

The Chief Information Officer is ultimately responsible for ensuring the policy set forth in this document is followed.  The following groups will provide guidance and support in implementing this policy:

  • Information Technology Advisory Council (ITAC) - Is responsible for policy review, and making recommendations for policy change to the Chief Information Officer. 
  • Divisional Representatives (DR) - Work collaboratively with OIT and with supervisors to ensure that the policy is followed for all university owned digital assets.


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