Cognos Request & Review Policy

Cognos is SJU’s main reporting system. It is a web-based tool used for monitoring business environments, accessing data, and reporting out on data in the Data Warehouse and other enterprise systems.

  • Please review the Institutional Research website as well as the Cognos library of reports to determine if the information you seek is readily available.
  • Unless the data is publicly available, the results of analysis using Saint Joseph’s data should not be made public, or published, without the approval of the committee or person that initiated the study, in consultation with IT.
  • FERPA, the SJU Policy on the Confidentiality of Student Records, and other privacy rules pertain.
  • In regards to your data request, identify the critical questions you seek to answer. Please be as specific as possible. The more specific you are about the questions you are trying to answer, the more useful the information you receive will be.
  • You may be directed to a report already in the Cognos library if one exists that will meet your needs.
  • Requests will be published in Cognos, unless it is not possible at this time, or if the data is needed on a one-time basis.

Please note: all submissions for reports are subject to review by IT personnel in conjunction with the corresponding data steward for the SJU division whose information is being sought. This includes analysis of the request in light of institutional and federal policies (SJU Policy on the Confidentiality of Student Information, FERPA, etc.) concerning the authorized release of data to the requestor for the specified purpose. Additional information may be required to complete the analysis and fulfill the request. If the request is not in keeping with these policies, it may be denied.

Questions concerning the report request procedure may be submitted through the “General Cognos Support” service request.



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