D2L to Canvas Questionnaire

What is the D2L to Canvas Questionnaire?

**Only Faculty who currently have course content in D2L should complete this**

The D2L to Canvas Questionnaire is designed to help us get to know you, your teaching mode, and your migration preference. This quick form will take approximately 5 minutes to complete.  

Why do I need to complete the D2L to Canvas Questionnaire?

Our recommendation is that all instructors, who currently have course content in D2L, complete the Questionnaire. With the information provided, we can customize a recommended approach for you to get started in Canvas.  Your customized approach will address your unique needs specified in your D2L to Canvas Questionnaire.

*OIT will continue hosting and supporting courses in both D2L and Canvas through December 2023.  Starting in the Spring, of 2024, all courses will be supported exclusively in Canvas.  

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