Stream2 IPTV

What is it?

Residential Life is paramount to driving student success. Studies show that students who live on campus have higher GPAs, participate in more co-curricular activities and have a higher graduation rate. Therefore, it’s important to provide the amenities students are used to receiving at home while on campus. The modern student is accustomed to rich media that is available anywhere and tailored to fit their needs. Apogee’s Stream2 service is the next generation IPTV service created specifically for your campus.

Students can pause, rewind, fast-forward, record and even start shows from the beginning. Features also include catch-up TV with a 24-hour window of replayable content and 20 hours of DVR storage per user.

Who can use it?

Apogee’s IPTV service, Stream2, is available to all on-campus residents.  With Stream2 you can watch TV on your iPhone, iPad, Android phone, Android tablets and Amazon Fire TV.  Set up your account, and begin watching TV today!   

Where can I access this service?

Account setup:

1.) Download the Stream2 app to your device.

2.) Once the app has been successfully installed, open and select Saint Joseph's University as your institution

3.) Login usin your SJU username and password

Where can I get assistance with the Stream2 service?

If you need any help connecting your devices, a support representative is available 24-hours a day to assist you via chat, text, phone, or email. 

Call: 855-719-5079
Text: “MyStream2” to 84700 



Service ID: 25467
Fri 1/19/18 8:40 AM
Tue 7/7/20 2:31 PM