Starfish Security Account Request

What is it?

Management of secure access to Starfish and information stored within it.


Who can use it?

Starfish "captains" or area representatives:

Student Success: Kim Allen-Stuck, Dan McDevitt

Graduate HSB: Maggie Oliver

Graduate CAS: Marita Hurst, A.J. Simon

Undergraduate CAS Advising: Maria Beazley

Undergraduate HSB Advising: Tim Higgins

Student Health Center: Eileen Bevilacqua


How do I request this service?

If you require a Starfish account, please contact a captain to have them submit the request. Requests not submitted by captains will be denied. If you are a Starfish captain, click the green button that reads "Request Service" to the right.

Request Service


Service ID: 32128
Thu 1/3/19 12:41 PM
Tue 1/12/21 9:47 AM