Email and Data Storage Policy


  • To securely and efficiently manage the data generated and stored by all users while enrolled or employed at Saint Joseph’s University.
  • To define expectations for the life cycle, availability and removal of data.


This policy applies to all users of Saint Joseph’s University email, collaboration tools and storage systems.  This includes the use of Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 products.


Access to email, collaboration tools and software through Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 is granted to each student at the time of enrollment and to each employee at the time of hire. This entitlement ends after a student’s account is deactivated and the data is permanently purged one month later. For graduated students, the account remains active for one year after graduation before it is deactivated.  For students whose records are deactivated for other reasons, such as academic dismissal or registration inactivity, the entitlement will be rescinded at the time of deactivation and the data will be purged one month later.  For employees, the entitlement ends at the time of separation and the data will be purged six months thereafter.  The purge permanently deletes all email and storage data.  For files shared with other users, the data is deleted after the last file owner’s account expires.

Usage of email and data storage is subject to the University’s Access & Use Policy.



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