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My banner account is locked, what should I do?

Please reset your password in the Nest.

From the main page of The Nest,

  1. Click on the link under the login boxes that reads "Forgot/Reset Password". 
  2. You will be asked to enter your 8 digit SJU ID # or UserName (if it is known). 
  3. Next you will be asked for your Birthday and the answer to a security question.  If you have not done so already, you will be prompted to choose 3 security questions and enter the answers. 
  4. If you have already set the 3 security questions you will be asked to answer 2 of them. Next you will be able to set a new password. 
  5. Once the process is complete, your username and ID will be displayed.  

Once you reset your password on the Nest, this will update your password for all of the SJU systems such as Blackboard, Gmail, VPN and Banner (if applicable). You will also be prompted to update your password on any devices connected to the sjuwireless network as well as those devices configured to access your email. If you are a faculty or staff member, we suggest resetting your password when on campus (if possible) and immediately restarting the computer to ensure your computer (especially those running windows) reconnects to the network using the new password.  This will eliminate any problems accessing your computer when you take it off campus next as well as your connection to share drives.

If you have followed these instructions and are still having a problem resetting your password, please follow this link to report a problem with your account to the TSC.

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