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Blackboard Learn and Collaborate Instructions for first-time users

The content below contains instructions to access BB Learn and use BB Collaborate:


We ask that our students use Firefox ( when accessing sju sites such as the Nest ( and Blackboard Learn (,


Accessing BB Learn

  • Open Firefox and open BB Learn (
  • Login using your SJU username and password.
    • If you have not established a password, please use the directions below to rest the password:
    • From the main page of The Nest,, click on the link under the login boxes that reads "Forgot/Reset Password".  You will be asked to enter your 8 digit SJU ID # or UserName (if it is known).  Next you will be asked for your Birthday and the answer to a security question.  If you have not done so already, you will be prompted to choose 3 security questions and enter the answers.  If you have already set the 3 security questions you will be asked to answer 2 of them. Next you will be able to set a new password.  Once the process is complete, your username and ID will be displayed.  
  • Your course will be located under "My Courses" on the left side of the page
  • Please select your course
  • You will now see the contents of your course

Accessing BB Collaborate


Depending on how your course is set up, the professor may have created a link called "Collaborate" or "Live Sessions" located in the left toolbar of your course.  If you do not see these links, please scroll down and click on "Tools."  It will open up all the tools available to you and you will choose "Blackboard Collaborate."  You will look for the scheduled sessions for the course and select the link corresponding to the correct session date.


Every Collaborate session becomes active 15 minutes before the classes start time.  You can test setting up and accessing Collaborate before the actual date of the class.  In order to do this you will want to go to the Collaborate section of the course by clicking on the direct link ("Collaborate" or "Live Sessions") or accessing it through "Tools" (select "Blackboard Collaborate").  Once in the Collaborate Session you will join the course's room.  The link to this room is located above Scheduled Sessions and it will be called  "Course Name" Room (ex. Evidence Based Practice).  You will click join room and follow the directions below:






Collaborate Launcher Instructions:


  • When joining a session for the first time, users will need to download the Blackboard Collaborate Launcher. 
    • Click Download the installer for the Blackboard Collaborate Launcher
    • Click Download Launcher
    • Locate the Blackboard Collaborate Launcher in your downloads
    • Run/Install the launcher
    • Click Ok
    • The meeting.collab file will download. From your downloads folder, click the downloaded .collab file
    • Run the application
    • Select your connection speed
    • Click Ok
  • You should now be signed in to the Collaborate Room.

After you have completed testing the room, you will be ready to access the active class room at the scheduled time.  You will go to Blackboard Collaborate - Look for your session under Scheduled Sessions - Click Join Room.  You will then be signed into the Collaborate Room.


If you have any issues connecting to Collaborate or accessing your course please visit our Service Catalog to submit your issue.

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