Before you can print, you'll need to register your SJU ID (HawkCard). Follow these instructions first.

Before you can print at public printers located around campus in different computer labs, and before you can use MobilePrintall students will need to swipe their HawkCard at one of the touchscreen/swipe terminals attached to the printer.

Here's an example of what one of the terminals looks like:


  1. Before trying to print anything, walk over to one of the computer lab printers and swipe your HawkCard at the touchscreen/swipe station.  
  2. If your card is current and working properly, you'll be logged into your print queue that should have no pending prints.  This completes your card registration!
  3. Walk to one of the computers in the lab, log into the computer using your SJU username and password, and print your document(s).
  4. Walk back to one of the printers, swipe your HawkCard, and you'll see any pending print jobs available for you to select and then print.  
  5. If you do not see any pending print jobs, please stop by the Technology Service Center located in Science Center 129 for assistance. 



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