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Blackboard Learn is a virtual learning environment and course management system developed by Blackboard Inc. and managed by the SJU Blackboard Team.

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The tools any instructor needs to glide through Blackboard can be found here to help build an engaging course in Blackboard.
The settings in Blackboard allow for instructors to build a comfort environment for their instruction while helping students access the content needed for their understanding.
Assignments, tests, rubrics and grade center are tools used to measure a student's performance in a course. This area will provide information on creating assignment areas, tests, using rubrics, and the grade center.
Communication is important to building an engaging course for learners. The tools needed to create an open environment such as announcements, discussion boards, and email are available in this area.
Audio and video can be used in any course with tools provided in Blackboard. Learn how to use multimedia tools to create an engaging learning environment for students.
"Organizations in Blackboard Learn contain content and tools to keep you informed and in touch with other members of your organization."(Blackboard Learn Help Site) An organization and course have the same setup while the an organization's purpose is to share announcements, content, or discussions around the importance of the group.

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Course Creation Dates for the Blackboard Learn System

Courses will be available in Blackboard to faculty on the following dates.  Courses become available to students 14 days prior to the start date listed in banne