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Instructions on how to reset your SJU account password

Qualtrics Research Suite is a powerful survey tool that is highly customizable and easy to use. With Qualtrics, you can design and distribute surveys, manage the responses, track the participants, and analyze the data, all in an easy-to-navigate, web-based interface.

Google Apps include SJU Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Drive, Google Hangouts and more.

In order to assist with the onboarding process, OIT has identified a variety of IT services that are relevant. This information is designed to cover the necessary bases for a successful first day for new employees.

When an employee resigns, retires, or is otherwise separated from employment at the University, it is the responsibility of the employee's manager to ensure all computing and information security related procedures are completed.

Removal of threats to return Univeristy computer to a secure state and optimize performance.

Request a new Marketplace Store

Includes troubleshooting of HSB related software applications.

To request a short URL/Link on an SJU website

Guest accounts expire typically after 1 year. Please use this form if you are requesting to extend an existing guest account.

All members of the University community who use the University's computing and information resources must do so responsibly. Every user is responsible for the integrity of these resources. All users of University-owned or University-leased computing systems must respect the rights of other computing users, respect the integrity of the physical facilities and controls, and respect all pertinent licenses and contractual agreements. It is the policy of Saint Joseph's University that all members of its community act in accordance with these responsibilities, relevant laws and contractual obligations, and in the highest standard of ethics.

Request access to Starfish

Sjuguest is the guest wireless on campus, it must be requested to activate in most locations at least 24 hours in advance of the event.

IT installs and maintains all hardware in computer labs and departmental research labs throughout campus. Please use this category to report lab hardware issues.