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When an employee resigns, retires, or is otherwise separated from employment at the University, it is the responsibility of the employee's manager to ensure all computing and information security related procedures are completed.

Wireless networking allows SJU faculty, staff, students, and sponsored visitors to access SJU wireless resources securely from locations where wiring is not available.

Includes troubleshooting of software applications, web browsers, etc.

Electronic spamming is the use of electronic messaging systems to send unsolicited messages (spam), especially advertising, as well as sending messages repeatedly on the same site.

Instructions on how to reset your SJU account password

The SJU telephone system accommodates more than 4,500 lines serving the core campus. We provide For University inbound, outbound and toll free telephone services, various station sets as well as voice messaging, automated attendants, Unified Messaging, and e-911/c-911.

Faculty and Staff members who utilize university provided voice services need a PIN to make billable outbound phone calls from anywhere on campus.

Please fill out this form on behalf of Contractors needing access to SJU facilities in order to complete work.

Request a Touchnet account for new users.

Installed A/V equipment in not functioning properly in a university classroom or meeting space or you have general questions about how to operate equipment.

Request access to update a website or modify existing access to a website - Wordpress ( or

Streaming television service for on campus students.

Ask a question about a general website request or issue.

Problems with or questions about Salesforce and related software.

Hooking up your Smart TV or Game Console to the SJU Wireless Network

The University provides Cable TV Service and technical support for all on campus student residences and select labs and classrooms.

Includes troubleshooting of HSB related software applications.

Need additional help or to request something you cannot find in the service catalog? Use this form to submit a ticket and someone will address it.

As a registered student organization at SJU, you have the opportunity to request space free of charge.

See an error on an SJU website? Please fill out the form to report it.

All current and active SJU students are eligible for a Microsoft Office 365 account at no additional cost.

A central location to store and distribute electronic documents for university use.