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Request a Touchnet account for new users.

Please fill out this form on behalf of Contractors needing access to SJU facilities in order to complete work.

The SJU telephone system accommodates more than 4,500 lines serving the core campus. We provide For University inbound, outbound and toll free telephone services, various station sets as well as voice messaging, automated attendants, Unified Messaging, and e-911/c-911.

Request form for proposals to renovate or redesign teaching spaces. Requests will be reviewed and advanced to the Classroom Task Force.

Please read this policy before submitting your request.

IT installs and maintains all hardware in computer labs and departmental research labs throughout campus. Please use this category to report lab hardware issues.

IT installs and maintains all software installations in computer labs campus-wide. Please use this category to report lab software issues.

It is important that each faculty member take responsibility in ensuring that the materials used within the "classroom" are used in a lawful manner. Saint Joseph's University has taken a hands-on approach to making sure that our community understands copyright law and is able to comply with the law as it pertains to teaching.

Request a data jack be activated or investigated in an academic office, classroom, or student residence hall

Request for new network data jack be installed

SJU maintains a tool that monitors our network and notifies System Administrators of possible copyright infringement. This could be in the form of music, movies, video games, etc.

A central location to store and distribute electronic documents for university use.

Please fill out this form on behalf of ELS students who need to be added to the banner system or have their accounts reactivated.

Academic Technology and Distributed Learning (ATDL) offers a series of workshops to help acclimate you to Learn.

Blackboard Collaborate is a web-conferencing tool utilized by SJU Faculty to communicate easily and reliably with students.