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Canvas - Early Adopter Submission

Who can apply to be an Early Adopter?

If you consider yourself an enthusiast of new technologies, tools, and techniques; someone who can “go with the flow” and embrace ambiguity, then you are the perfect candidate to participate in the Canvas Early Adopter program. For a detailed look at what being a Canvas Early Adopter means for you, please visit our Canvas Project website. Early Adopters will be selected based on the support resources available.

What am I expected to do to prepare for the Spring 2018 Pilot?

As an Early Adopter you will be expected to teach all of your Spring 2018 in the Canvas LMS.

  1. You will use Canvas for academic purposes, and when appropriate, will inform students of the tool and available training resources, the rationale for using it in the course(s), and the expectation that students will be asked to provide feedback.
  2. You will become familiar with Canvas by attending an initial workshop session (if needed), reviewing online videos and documentation, and accessing a sandbox course space intended for you to explore, break, and try the technology safely.

  3. You will be added to a Canvas group to receive updates about the tool and what colleagues are finding/doing.

  4. You are encouraged to use the following support resources:

    1. Online tutorials and documentation

      1. Canvas Community Website

      2. Canvas Project Website

    2. Canvas training sessions:

      1. Face-to-face and online Canvas-led basics training on November 13th - November 15th (Agenda available prior to the training)

      2. Self-paced online Canvas training course (available in January)

      3. Face-to-face and online Canvas basics training by members of ATDL/IT (available in December)

      4. Face-to-face and online training for specific Canvas features (available in January)

    3. Technology Service Center

How can you sign up to be a Canvas Early Adopter?

Click the Sign Up button to the right and begin filling out your application.  Applications must be completed by ThursdayOctober 27th at 5pm.