Organization Request (Migration from Blackboard or New Request)

What is it?

Blackboard organizations function much like Blackboard courses, but users have different roles (Teachers are called Leaders, and Students are called Participants). Blackboard organizations can be used to hold documents, form collaborative online groups, and facilitate communication between online groups. In Blackboard, organizations and courses appear in two distinct lists, giving users a relatively easy means to navigate course lists and organization lists independently.

Upon request, we can move a Blackboard organization (and its contents) into Canvas. As is the case in Blackboard, Canvas organizations will look exactly like classes, but will have organization-specific roles for users. 

Canvas may not be your best option and your need should drive your tool selection

Blackboard organizations are primarily used for three things: 1) Document sharing,  2) Mass communication to a static group of users,  3) Both document sharing and mass communication.  

While Canvas can meet the needs of groups looking for online collaboration, it may not be the best option. Users should be aware that there is a data cap of 500 MB for Canvas organizations, meaning using Canvas for storage of large files is not advised. Additionally, the Canvas toolset and development strategy is very narrowly focused on optimizing the teaching and learning experience. While teaching tools can be useful for administrative purposes, the Canvas toolset will always be targeted expressly for teaching and learning. This means that Canvas will not prioritize feature requests or develop new tools that are focused specifically on administrative collaboration.

Canvas works well for Blackboard organization sites that use features typically found in courses such as testing, assignments, surveys, and grading. Sites that have used Blackboard primarily as a document storage and workflow solution can move their content to another platform such as Google Drive.

How do I request my Blackboard organization be moved?

If you would like your Blackboard organization moved, please click the green "Request Organization" button to the right and fill out the form in its entirety.  

By completing this request, a member of the Canvas Project Team will evaluate your current Blackboard organization and its use to help you determine if Canvas is the best option for the future.  

Each organization will require its own request form be filled out.