Blackboard Archive Access

What is it?

The University has fully transitioned to Canvas as its Learning Management System (LMS). The University has a limited number of Blackboard licenses to allow users to access it in the event of the following:

  • Student needs to complete the course (Spring 2018 courses only)

  • Instructor grading (Spring 2018 courses only)

  • Instructor access to student assignments

Not all requests for access will be approved.  Access will be for a fixed period not to exceed 2 weeks. Faculty content for courses offered within the retention cycle (last two years) from Blackboard can be accessed in Canvas on request. To request access to migrated faculty content, please complete this request.

Who can use it?

All active SJU Faculty and Students. 

Where can I access this service?

You can request access to the Blackboard Learn archive by clicking the green button in the upper right corner that reads "Request Access”.