Guest Wireless Activation

What is it?

Sjuguest is the the university guest wireless network on campus. This wireless network provides limited wireless access to guests of the university. 

Who can use it?

Faculty and staff can sponsor internet access for guests on official University business.

Where can I access this service?

In order to activate this guest network in most university locations, please click the "Request Service" link to the right and provide the details of your upcoming event.  To ensure your request is able to be fulfilled, please submit your request at least 24 hours in advance of your event.

The sjuguest wireless network is always turned on in the following locations but does require a password to be accessed. This password is updated at the beginning of every semester.  To request the password, please click the "Request Service" link to the right. 


Career Development Center

Foley Center

Hagan Arena, Courtside Media Section

Haub Executive Center (McShain 5th Floor)

HSB Advising Office

HSB Dean's Conference Room

IT Areas – Science Center 129, Barbelin 12, Barbelin 28, Barbelin 30

Kinney Center

Loyola Jesuit Residence

Maguire Wolfington Welcome Center (2502 Cardinal Ave.)

Mandeville Teletorium

Office of Financial Affairs (215/219/225 City Ave)

Quinn and Duperreault Conference Rooms

Regis Hall

Wynne Hall of Fame