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Account Issues

All other account and access issues not falling into the listed categories.

Add a New Touchnet User

Request a Touchnet account for new users.


Banner Issue/Problem

If you are having issues logging into Banner, please report your issue using Software and Applications/General Software/Software Issue Troubleshooting.


Campus ID Card Request

Please fill out this form on behalf of Contractors needing access to SJU facilities in order to complete work.

Campus Phone and Phone Line

The SJU telephone system accommodates more than 4,500 lines serving the core campus. We provide For University inbound, outbound and toll free telephone services, various station sets as well as voice messaging, automated attendants, Unified Messaging, and e-911/c-911.

Canvas - Early Adopter Submission

Canvas Profile

Canvas Profile

Canvas Support

Canvas is the LMS that makes teaching and learning easier.

Change Username

Username change request is a request to have a user’s account username changed based on a change in the user's legal name or University status.

Classroom and Lab Renovation/Redesign Proposal

This is the request form for proposals to renovate or redesign teaching spaces. Requests will be reviewed and advanced to the Classroom Task Force.

Club or Organization Website

As a registered student organization at SJU, you have the opportunity to request space free of charge.

Cognos Request & Review Policy

Please read this policy before submitting your request.

Computer Lab Hardware

IT installs and maintains all hardware in computer labs and departmental research labs throughout campus. Please use this category to report lab hardware issues.

Computer Lab Software

IT installs and maintains all software installations in computer labs campus-wide. Please use this category to report lab software issues.

Copyright Information Center

It is important that each faculty member take responsibility in ensuring that the materials used within the "classroom" are used in a lawful manner. Saint Joseph's University has taken a hands-on approach to making sure that our community understands copyright law and is able to comply with the law as it pertains to teaching.


Data Jack Activation

Request a data jack be activated or investigated in an academic office, classroom, or student residence hall

Data Jack Installation

Request for new network data jack be installed

Departmental Printers

Includes installation of a local or network printer on an SJU-owned computer and basic troubleshooting of printing issues.

DMCA Violation Monitoring

SJU maintains a tool that monitors our network and notifies System Administrators of possible copyright infringement. This could be in the form of music, movies, video games, etc.

Document Manager Issue/Problem

Report an issue or problem with BDMS

Document Repository

A central location to store and distribute electronic documents for university use.


ELS Student Activation

Please fill out this form on behalf of ELS students who need to be added to the banner system or have their accounts reactivated.

Employee Transfer

When an employee is removed from one department and transfers to another department within the university, it is the responsibility of the transferring employee's current manager to ensure all computing and information security related procedures are completed.


Faculty Workshops

Academic Technology and Distributed Learning (ATDL) offers a series of workshops to help acclimate you to Learn.


General Cognos Support

Request support for any issues or questions you may have regarding Cognos.

General Feedback

Please use this form to give us feedback!

General Salesforce Support

Problems with or questions about Salesforce and related software.

General Slate Support

Problems with or questions about Slate.

General Web Question

Ask a question about a general website request or issue.

Google Application Evaluation

Google Apps

Google Apps include SJU Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Drive, Google Hangouts and more.

Guest Account Reactivation

Guest accounts expire typically after 1 year. Please use this form if you are requesting to extend an existing guest account.

Guest Wireless Activation

Sjuguest is the guest wireless on campus, it must be requested to activate in most locations at least 24 hours in advance of the event.


Hardware Diagnosis and Repair

Report an issue or request help with hardware or a device.

Help with installed A/V equipment in a Classroom or Meeting Space

Installed A/V equipment in not functioning properly in a university classroom or meeting space or you have general questions about how to operate equipment.

HSB Technology

Includes troubleshooting of HSB related software applications.


I Need to Gain Access to Edit a Website

Request access to update a website or modify existing access to a website - Wordpress ( or

I Need to Update a Web Page

Request content updates to an web page or the Nest.

IT Security

IT is responsible for the security of the University’s network and Information Resources.


Mac Mail Setup

How to setup Mac Mail for Zimbra

Managed iOS Apps

Use this Service to request iOS applications

Marketplace Store - Add Additional Budget

Add an additional Fund - Org - Account to your Marketplace Store.

Marketplace Store - Budget Change

Change the Fund - Org - Account associated with your Marketplace Store.

Microsoft Office 365

All current and active SJU students are eligible for a Microsoft Office 365 account at no additional cost.

Mobile Phone for University Business

SJU offers mobile/smart phones for official university business

Mobile Print

Mobile print allows you to send an email, from your SJU email account, containing the document as an attachment that you wish to have printed to the Mobile Print email address and available to specific lab printers on campus


Network Guest Account Request

Network Guest Accounts should be used for anyone needing temporary access to SJU services.

New Employee

In order to assist with the onboarding process, OIT has identified a variety of IT services that are relevant. This information is designed to cover the necessary bases for a successful first day for new employees.

New Marketplace Store

Request a new Marketplace Store


Office of Information Technology Project Request

Every project that will require resources from the Office of Information Technology (OIT) must be submitted for approval prior to project initiation.

Outbound PIN Number

Faculty and Staff members who utilize university provided voice services need a PIN to make billable outbound phone calls from anywhere on campus.

Outlook Setup

How to setup Outlook for Zimbra


Password Reset

Instructions on how to reset your SJU account password


Phishing is an identity-theft scam that uses "spoofed" or fake emails and Web sites to trick people into giving out personal information, such as credit card numbers, usernames and passwords, or social security numbers.

Phone Line Move

Request for SJU faculty or staff member's phone line to be moved to another location.

Policy Governing our Computer Replacement Program (CRP)

The purpose of this document is to define the policy governing the purchase, replacement, and responsible disposal of University-owned personal computer systems. The Computer Replacement Program or CRP will ensure that faculty and staff have adequate, up-to-date, and supported computing resources. Furthermore, these resources will be replenished on a predictable, recurring schedule.

Policy Governing our Information Security

All members of the University community are responsible for protecting the Information Resources to which they have access.

Policy Governing the Disposition of University-owned Digital Assets

The purpose of this document is to define the policy governing the disposition of any university owned digital asset and associated information that are under consideration for transfer from one university employee to another employee.

Policy Governing the Disposition of University-owned Digital Assets

The purpose of this document is to define the policy governing the disposition of any university owned digital asset and associated information that are under consideration for transfer from one university employee to another employee.

Policy Governing the Use of Computing and Network Resources

All members of the University community who use the University's computing and information resources must do so responsibly. Every user is responsible for the integrity of these resources. All users of University-owned or University-leased computing systems must respect the rights of other computing users, respect the integrity of the physical facilities and controls, and respect all pertinent licenses and contractual agreements. It is the policy of Saint Joseph's University that all members of its community act in accordance with these responsibilities, relevant laws and contractual obligations, and in the highest standard of ethics.

Print Management

IT provides printing services to the SJU community in public computing facilities. Printing equipment is networked and linked to your SJU HawkCard account

Procedure for Returning a University Provisioned Wireless Telecommunications Device

Procedure for Returning a University Provisioned Wireless Telecommunications Device

Public Computer Lab Locations

A list of public campus labs, locations and hours


Repair IT

The Repair IT program is a program started in 2014. It provides full tech support to all SJU student computer issues. The TSC will support any computer you come to campus with, and fix any problem.

Report a Cable TV Problem

The University provides Cable TV Service and technical support for all on campus student residences and select labs and classrooms.

Report an Error on an SJU Website

See an error on an SJU website? Please fill out the form to report it.

Report an issue with email or calendar

Problems related to your SJU employee email account

Report an Outage

If you require immediate assistance or if this is a technical emergency, please call 610-660-2920. We have agents ready to assist you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Report Digital Signage Problem

Digital Signage Problems on Campus

Report Spam

Electronic spamming is the use of electronic messaging systems to send unsolicited messages (spam), especially advertising, as well as sending messages repeatedly on the same site.

Request a Short URL/Link on an SJU website

To request a short URL/Link on an SJU website

Request Audio/Visual Equipment for Pickup

Use this service to pick up audio/visual equipment that does not require Media Services setup.

Request Blackboard Learn Support

Blackboard Learn is SJU's Learning Management System (LMS).

Request Digital Signage Slide Upload

Digital Signage updates throughout campus

Request for IT Advice

Need additional help or to request something you cannot find in the service catalog? Use this form to submit a ticket and someone will address it.

Request Form for Divisional and Enterprise Capital Funding

Request form for divisional capital funding.

Reset Voicemail PIN

To report any problems, have your voicemail password PIN reset or ask any questions about the university voicemail system.

Retention of Courses Policy

The purpose of this document is to define the policy governing the retention of course content stored within the University's Learning Management System (LMS).


Salesforce Security Account Request

Request access to Salesforce.

Schedule a Walk Through

Schedule a walk through of the equipment with one of our Media Service technicians before your class or event to ensure you are comfortable with the technology that is offered in the room.

Slate Security Account Request

Request access to Slate.

Smart TV and Gaming

Hooking up your Smart TV or Game Console to the SJU Wireless Network

Software Installation

Includes software installation of SJU owned applications.

Software Issue Troubleshooting

Includes troubleshooting of software applications, web browsers, etc.

Software Modification

Software Purchasing

IT obtains software licenses through educational and volume discounts by facilitating campus-wide agreements with University software vendors.

Supervisor Employee Departure

When an employee resigns, retires, or is otherwise separated from employment at the University, it is the responsibility of the employee's manager to ensure all computing and information security related procedures are completed.

System Deployment - OIT Internal

System Retirement - OIT Internal

System Retirement - OIT Internal


Technology Purchasing: Special Requests

Obtain advice regarding the purchase of hardware, peripherals, and other technologies or enter a special request.

Technology Service Center

One-stop shop for all hardware, software, training, and procurement needs.

The Nest

SJU's portal, The Nest, is the central location for course information, email, calendar, and more.

TSC Counter Request

TSC Walk-in counter form


UC4 (Appworx) Automic Software Modifications

Upgrade/Patch Request


Video Recording Services

Video recording for lectures and events throughout campus

Virus/Malware Removal

Removal of threats to return Univeristy computer to a secure state and optimize performance.

Voicemail to Email

Request for voicemails to be sent to email.


Wired Network Connectivity

The University provides wired network connection in all buildings and residence halls on campus.

Wireless Network Connectivity

Wireless networking allows SJU faculty, staff, students, and sponsored visitors to access SJU wireless resources securely from locations where wiring is not available.


Zoom Web Conferencing